In Review: Colony – Panopticon

Jennifer keeps and eye on the Bowman house. The family encounters unexpected challenges when Charlie returns home.

Synopsis: Jennifer keeps and eye on the Bowman house. The family encounters unexpected challenges when Charlie returns home.

Review: The Bowman’s continue to struggle with the task of reuniting family and staying together. A task that is further complicated by Lindsey who is indoctrinating their youngest child into the cult that surrounds the alien invaders and the fact that they are under surveillance.

Making things worse still is the fact that Will and Katie are struggling to win each others trust back given that Katie was with the resistance. But could the return of Charlie be the thing that helps unite the couple in a common cause.

Charlie is emotionally damaged from living wild under a Fagan like criminal for best part of a year. He was physically abused and is understandably having a few trust issues. He’s taken an instant dislike to Lindsey and has already upset the apple cart with her.

Meanwhile Jennifer is still struggling to reveal her sources to her superiors at Homeland and is trying damn hard to win favour so she can keep her job. She has noticed that Will Bowman has returned and told her new bosses that he’d be an asset for them.

Elsewhere in the series Helena (Ally Walker) has gained a promotion in the political circles, which surround the alien invasion force and homeland.

This was solid hour of television, which did its job in that it kept us on the edge of our seats and left us with all manner of questions. Such as how are Will and Katie going to explain the presence of Charlie when the authorities eventually catch up to them.

Added to this is the fact that Charlie knows about the camps and so forth. And pretty much said that his older brother Bram will have to drastically change as a person in order to survive.

The closing moment of the totalitarian alien flags in the call centre was a pretty power image to finish on. We look forward to seeing how this will all play out next week.


Colony - Panopticon
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