In Review: Colony – Hospitium

Will and Katie fear they might be in danger when the Resistance camp is put on lockdown.

Synopsis: Will and Katie fear they might be in danger when the Resistance camp is put on lockdown. A risky plan makes Broussard question Amy’s intentions.

Review: Will and Katie begin to suspect that the Resistance leader Andrew McGregger is making the wrong decision when it comes to the captured Alien. The fact that McGregor stopped interrogating the Alien machine when it revealed that there was another Alien race coming for them has really piqued Will and Katie’s interest and they try to enlist help to bring McGregor down.

Elsewhere in the camp, Snyder is trying to escape and inform on his whereabouts with the small communications device he was given.

Meanwhile, Bram has discovered what McGregor’s plan is and it involves the use of a huge homemade bomb. Realizing that lots of innocent lives could be lost if this plan is allowed to go ahead. Bram goes to his mum and dad for help.

Broussard is still traveling out of the LA block with Amy but begins to doubt her sincerity, but later realizes that she is as against the aliens as he is.

Overall. This was a fairly slow paced episode with very little in the way of action. The most happening seemed to be the plotting and such that was going on in the camp in which Will and Katie were trying to unseat McGregor as the camp leader due to them believing him unfit to lead. We get a flashback scene of McGreggor right at the start of this episode, which shows us his life before the invasion and in a nutshell he was a conspiracy theorist running a blog, who was arrested by the FBI and charged on trumped-up charges.

Graham McTavish is fantastic casting for McGregor and plays the paranoid resistance leader really, really well. So well that you begin to wonder if he actually has anything on Will and Katie. The flashback scene in which we saw him show us that he was a resourceful individual who was able to obtain information, but what information is he acting on that has brought him to make some of these most recent decisions?

I also have to wonder if Broussard and Amy are going to eventually reconnect with Will and Kate.

Colony - Hospitium
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