In Review: Colony – Good Intentions

Will and Katie attempt to save a fugitive from the occupation. At the camp Snyder hides evidence and Broussard's cell is threatened from within.

Synopsis: Will and Katie attempt to save a fugitive from the occupation. At the camp Snyder hides evidence and Broussard’s cell is threatened from within.

Review: The fugitive from the raid on the red hand in last weeks episode is priority number one for Homeland and Will and his partner are split up. His partner being put in charge of going over surveillance  footage while Will is ordered to revisit the scene of the raid.

Meanwhile in the Factory Snyder goes after Bram and gets him to implicate the people that were responsible for blowing up the Alien ship. Snyder tells Bram that if he doesn’t sell them out. That they are all dead. Bram gives them up, but struggles with it.

Meanwhile Broussard’s resistance is under threat as Eckhart plans to leave and confess to the authorities.

While this is happening Broussard and Katie are in a race against time to try and find the fugitive before Homeland and Agent Burke. Unfortunately they are too late and Katie only just manages to avoid detection by the troops.

Back at the factory. Snyder gets an impromptu visit from Helena who comes to collect him from the factory before the aliens blow it all to kingdom come. Snyder is a little hesitant, but does the right thing and brings Bram along with him. As they leave in the car. Bram looks back at the factory completely shellshocked at the total disregard for human life.

Back at homeland Burke and his men bring the Fugitive in and begin the first round of questioning. When asked how he got away. The fugitive makes up a story, which does not implicate Will who let him escape.

Back the Bowman’s house Lindsay is teaching the kids when Charlie hears a sound. He tells his little sister to go upstairs with him and hide. Lindsay is protesting and completely oblivious to what is happening as three gang members of the Red Hand come bursting in with automatic weapons and kill Lindsay and proceed to search the house.

As the search is still happening. Will and Katie arrive home and see something is not right. Between them they both proceed to take out the gang members and are reunited with Charlie and Gracie.

For their protection the Bowman’s are moved to a new home, which is within what looks like a block of flats. As they are settling in Snyder pulls up with Bram. As they part Snyder tells Bram that he is doing what he can to survive in hope that things change. Bram grudgingly accepts this and is reunited with his entire family and he is especially pleased to see Charlie again.

The question left unanswered at the end of this episode is whether or not the fugitive will break and implicate Will for letting him get away.

If that does happen. Is Will likely to go join the resistance with Katie and Broussard or will he try to lie his way out of it by saying it was all part of his plan to get the leader of the gang and draw them out. Either way with only 2 years to figure out a way to defeat their alien masters. Will and the resistance are going to need a few more wins.

I really enjoyed this episode and specially enjoyed Bram’s realisation about Snyder and his shock at the way in which the factory was taken out with all hands.


Colony - Good Intentions
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