In Review: Colony – Free Radicals

Bram takes on a risky mission with his friends. Will faces the new Resistance, Kate learns a dark truth about the bloc.

Synopsis: Bram takes on a risky mission with his friends. Will faces the new Resistance, Kate learns a dark truth about the bloc.

Review: Homeland working on behalf of their alien masters are getting more and more brutal in their methods to hunt down and find the resistance members. Will is disgusted by the methods of torture and cruelty that they are employing and is struggling to hide these feelings from both his partner who does not trust him and his immediate superior.

In the factory Bram continues to work with the resistance and Maya (Jessica Parker Kennedy) who is preparing to make the ultimate sacrifice of herself in order to strike a blow for freedom against their alien overlords.

Meanwhile Katie has taken the information about Bram and the Colony to Broussard who turns up some very dark truths about the bloc. Information, which reveals that everyone on the bloc irrespective of their station in life only have a matter of 2 years and 5 months to live.

Humanity is little more than a workforce and food to the aliens.

Armed with this new information Katie tells Will that she cannot possibly sit back and do nothing. Will agrees and gives his blessing for her to rejoin the resistance, but he also warns of the resources that homeland have been given in order to find resistance members.

When it comes to the information about the aliens and their plans. We learn that the invasion or the beginnings of it date back to the Apollo 10 mission of 1969.

Overall this was a solid episode, which had lots of new stuff in it.

I’m anxious to see when things will escalate to a point where the aliens reveal themselves to the populace or at least those working for them at homeland. I mean they can’t hide forever.

Some strong performances this week from Josh Holloway and Alex Neustaedter as Bram. 

Bram’s reaction to finding out about Maya’s mission was very real to a point where it would have been a cold cynical audience that didn’t feel some sorrow for him. Meanwhile Will’s reaction and personal struggle with the methods being employed by his partner were utterly convincing. Perhaps Will would be best served by joining his wife in the resistance. I can’t see him lasting to much longer at homeland.

Colony - Free Radicals
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