In Review: Colony – End Of The Road

During interrogation, Will, Katie and Snyder struggle to maintain their secrets.

Synopsis: During interrogation, Will, Katie, and Snyder struggle to maintain their secrets.

Review: After having uncovered the Bowman’s plot to attempt to take over command of the resistance camp. McGreggor sets about a brutal series if interrogations and is not beyond threatening to hurt Will and Katie’s children in order to get the information he wants. Vincent who sided with the Bowman’s, but was talked around by McGregor is still wavering and doubts that McGregor is the right leader to follow. Which is something that Snyder takes advantage of when talking with Vincent about the clicks and their plans for humanity.

Most of this episode deals with the various interrogations as well as the gradual breakdown in communication between Vincent and McGregor as their two individual ideologies no longer match up. McGregor’s certainty and black and white view of the world clashes with Vincent’s ability to see through the murky shades of grey. Graham McTavish and Waleed Zuaiter do an excellent job of selling the breakdown of this relationship, which ultimately ends with a bullet to the head. 

It’s a bullet too late though because Snyder has managed to trick Vincent into giving their location away to the authorities, which precipitates a raid, which ends in tragedy for the Bowman’s as the family loses one member as they make their escape from the camp.

Overall this episode was the swansong for McGregor and his resistance and saw some brilliant acting performances from all the cast. Most notable of all though was Peter Jacobson as the self-serving opportunist Snyder who seems to have little reaction to the death and destruction that his betrayal has cost. 

With Will, Katie, Bram, and Gracie on the run once more. We have to wonder what their next move will be. Are they likely to reconnect with Broussard or will they try and create some sort of alliance with the other Alien race, which the Clicks are frightened of?


Colony - End Of The Road
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