In Review: Colony – Eleven. Thirteen

Will and Katie try to keep their family together in a changing city.

Synopsis: Will and Katie try to keep their family together in a changing city. Broussard returns home while Snyder receives a job offer from a mysterious organization.

Review: Most of this season two opener is a little disconcerting until you realise that it is mostly flashing back to the day of the Alien invasion.

We get to see Will working with his FBI partner and we also get to find out how Katie first met Broussard and how Snyder winds up working for the Aliens.

The story hits the ground running. No exposition. You sort of come to the conclusion when you see workable cars that this is set some time before things changed in LA.

We meet Will’s FBI partner Devon (Carolyn Michelle Smith), who he suspects is corrupt, but when a crisis hits via the alien EMP device. All these things wind up being put on a back burner as everyone gathers their families together in a bid to search for a safe haven. 

This episode was really well executed. As I said it was disconcerting with the majority of it being a flashback episode, but that is why it worked. It made us as the viewer feel the same level of uncertainty as the principal characters. It was also a useful way to introduce us to Devon given that Will goes to her for help at the end of the episode, which brings things back to a present where Will has made it to Santa Monica and is searching for his son.

Meanwhile back in LA Katie is visiting Bram who has been captured by the authorities and faces an uncertain future.

The CGI work on the building of the Alien wall and the look of horror on Will’s face was worth the watch alone. I guess we now know where Donald Trump is getting his playbook for. I have to wonder if he is the real life embodiment of Proxy Snyder.

‘Colony’ for me was one of the highlights of last year, which we overlooked in our best and worst of 2016 episode on But if your a fan of the alien invasion genre. Then it is a show that offers up compelling characters and interesting twists.

This was a pretty gutsy and strong way to open the second season.

Colony - Eleven. Thirteen
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