In Review: Colony – Company Man

Will goes back to work and finds that things have changed drastically.

Synopsis: Will goes back to work and finds that things have changed drastically. Katie is on her best behavour and Broussard and his cell make a startling discovery about the wall.

Review: Will starts work again and begins to get back into his routine, but finds the new work environment to be far more restricted than it was.

Back at the Bowman house Katie is struggling to maintain her behaviour due to the fact that the tutor Lindsey has ordered her middle child Charlie to stay in his room. Lindsey is also taking issue with the fact that Gracie has been reading other books, which do not conform to the Government approved teachings.

In the facility. Bram is starting to make friends and is playing two sides off against each other as he spies for the resistance as well as for Snyder, but it seems that Sgt. Jenkins has his own thoughts on how the facility is run. And none of them are what you’d consider humane.

Back at Homeland Will is back on the case to investigate Broussard and is on the case of several attacks, which do not fit Broussard’s MO. It would seem that there is another cell active in the Los Angeles area and several brutal attacks happen. One f which is on Homeland.

Meanwhile Brousard’s cell comes upon some frightening information concerning the alien drones and the wall, which surrounds LA. It would seem that the drones are pretty much a ticking time bomb waiting to happen.

To sum up. This was a really full episode of ‘Colony’, but we are left with a few intriguing questions.

  1. What has happened to Jennifer McMahon. Who was demoted in the last episode. Do Homeland have the intelligence that she gathered on Will and Katie?
  2. Who are the other cell that are attacking and leaving the red hand signature?

It be interesting to find out in the weeks to come.

Colony - Company Man
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