In Review: Colony – Blind Spot

Will continues to earn his colleagues respect but when his home comes under attack, everyone comes under suspicion.

Synopsis: In this weeks ‘Colony’ Will continues to earn his colleagues respect but when his home comes under attack, everyone comes under suspicion.

Review:  Things begin to unravel as Will learns that his immediate family have ties to the resistance thanks to his home being searched after an attack.

Wills boss Phyllis reveals that his son has been making tapes of Geronimo’s pirate broadcast, which leads Will to question his son, which in turn leads to the arrest of the broadcaster. It would seem that Phyllis hasn’t told Will everything because it turns out that she is very much aware of Kate’s ties with the resistance and as the episode wraps up she tries to bring Kate on side as an assett, but this proves to be to little to late.

Phyllis is killed by the end of the episode by the leader of the resistance. Who is acting on information that Kate left with her resistance handlers.

A lot happened in this episode and thanks to the untimely death of Phyllis. Who was for my money one of the most intriguing characters. Kate’s cover is safe, but it is only a matter of time before someone else gets hold of the evidence that Phyllis was holding over her.

We had a great performance from Kathy Baker as the all knowing intelligence officer, and though it is sad to see her go. We can only hope that her replacement will proved just as interesting.

The game of cat and mouse between the police state within the Colony and the resistance continues to intrigue and I have to wonder if Will’s suspicion that Geronimo is operating from the Green Zone will pan out to be true. It will be interesting to find out if there is someone operating from outside of the protected zone. It will also be interesting to see some drama played out from that outside zone.

I continue to be fairly entertained by the puzzle box quality that ‘Colony’ has on offer and am anxious to see what other secrets are revealed in the weeks to come.

Colony - Blind Spot
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