In Review: Colony – A Brave New World

As Will begins his first day as Proxy Snyder's inside man, Katie makes a secret commitment. Carlos suffers the consequences of Will's actions.

Synopsis: As Will begins his first day as Proxy Snyder’s inside man, Katie makes a secret commitment. Carlos suffers the consequences of Will’s actions.

Review: In this second episode of ‘Colony’ we get a little more set up of the universe in which our characters inhabit.

Will begins his first day at work and is in for somewhat of a culture shock when he finds that he is no longer taking direct orders from Snyder who recruited him. He is also given a partner called Beau who is played by the Carl Weathers of ‘Rocky’ fame.

I found the HQ where Will gets his orders from to be eerily reminiscent of the Nazi HQ’s that we have seen in many an old fashioned war movie. The symbol of the bird in black on a red and black flag looking extremely ominous.

Will is given orders to track down and bring in a man who is suspected of being behind the terrorist attack, which we witnessed in last weeks episode.

Will’s wife Katie is opening up her drinking establishment for the first time since the alien occupation began and enlists some help from her son. Her activities such as taking the dog out for a walk, which lasts an hour are already attracting a little attention from friends and family, but they seem to be accepting it for what it is and allowing the benefit of the doubt. It will be fascinating to see how Katie manages playing both sides of the fence in the weeks to come as she hides her identity as a member of the resistance.

Some solid acting performances all round from Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Calis and nice to see Carl Weathers on television again. I hope his character is able to stick around for awhile.

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