In Review: Colony – 98 Seconds

Will's search for Geronimo leads him into a dangerous situation.

Synopsis: Katie makes a discovery when she embarks on her first mission with the resistance. Will’s search for Geronimo leads him into a dangerous situation.

Review: Katie gets a reality check when she embarks on her first mission with the resistance and learns first hand how swift and brutal this new world in which she is living in can be.

Will and his partner Beau get drawn into the resistance cross-hairs when they follow up on information that their boss finds in the mysterious Rolodex.

Again quite a lot happening in this episode as Katie becomes more and more embedded within the resistance while her husband Will continues to work with the authorities to track down her Resistance Leader Geronimo who continues to evade capture while hiding in plain sight.

Some nice touches this episode when Katie turns her inner turmoil in to a passionate tryst with Will in order to hide her affiliation with the resistance, but does her house keeper suspect something?

I’m enjoying the buddy cop relationship that is forming between Will and his older partner Will (Carl Weathers) who is kind of channelling a little bit of the old Danny Glover to Will’s more impulsive nature when it comes to investigating and running toward gun fire and not away from it. 

We also witness the grand opening of the Yonk in this episode, which winds up getting crashed by Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson) who uses it as an opportunity to play himself as the political good guy.

This episode provides a nice balance of action and intrigue.

Colony - 98 Seconds
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