In Review: Cloak and Dagger – Stained Glass

Tandy and Tyrone gain some understanding of each other when faced with their hopes and fears. 

Synopsis: Tandy and Tyrone gain some understanding of each other when faced with their hopes and fears.

Review: This episode gives us some more of Tandy and Tyrone together as the pair begin to gain somewhat of an understanding of each other via various dream sequences throughout the episode. Thankfully these sequences do not play as bad as I initially thought they might. Instead, they give us a proper exploration into the minds of the two titular characters via a cleansing ritual that sees them on a shared journey of self-discovery.

The episode picks up from where things left off with Tyrone teleporting himself into Tandy’s path on a dark New Orleans road. The bullet intended for Officer Connors winds up in Tandy’s path and forces her and the getaway car she is driving off the road.

It’s a visceral encounter, which gives Tandy a concussion and sees her flee the scene. This only the second time that the two have crossed paths. Thus far their relationship is not going smoothly. In fact, it is damn near a none entity. Hopefully, things pick up given that we only have seven more episodes left. Tandy comes off as not particularly nice leaving a confused Tyrone by the roadside. Sure he may have had a gun, but it was pretty obvious that he never intended to shoot it at her.

Already this series is falling into a pattern of teasing us with short-lived Tandy and Tyrone encounters, which to be blunt could get old relatively quickly. This tactic only provokes viewer frustration. Sure we do not need to see the two characters in every scene together. In fact were learning a fair bit of their respective worlds via their respective visions, which can be far more informative than lots of unnecessary conversation.

Structurally this episode was interesting. We start off with the roadside encounter as well as events leading up to it and then circle back to what Tyrone has been up to. These parallels continue when Tandy and Tyrone enter another plane of existence when Tyrone takes a cleansing bath, which is facilitated by Evita’s Vodun Auntie Clarisse.

Overall. This was an interesting episode, but narratively speaking I’m still finding it a little frustrating to follow due to the slow pacing. Sure the visions are cool and so forth. But I’d really hoped that the two main characters would know their purpose in regards to the bigger picture by now.

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