In Review: Class – Nightvisiting

London is infiltrated by an eerie alien

Synopsis: London is infiltrated by an eerie alien and the team must battle to save Tanya.

Review: This episode touches on the subject of grief and uses a mysterious alien race called the Lankin who have never visited the human race before and wish to help guide the lost souls.

The story goes above and beyond in that it grounds the story so that it focuses mainly on the core group of characters. Very little opportunity for character development is wasted. Especially when it comes to the development of Tanya, who is ultimately able to defeat the Lankin through her anger, which is directed at her late father.

The story picks things up from events in the pilot as well in that Ram obviously sees his recently deceased girlfriend while Miss Quill talks extensively with a Lankin avatar of her late sister.

This is a great episode because the anger that we feel when we lose a loved one is something that we never really discuss openly out of feelings of guilt and what have you.

While ‘Nightvisiting’ is very much Tanya’s episode. Time is not wasted on the other core characters. Sophie Hopkins gets a stand out moment as April, delving into her own past and explaining why she’s a ‘sensible’ person. This scene proved to be quite poignant when she explains to Ram what happened with her relatives, which goes onto explain why her mother is confined to a wheelchair.

This is a very strong third episode for ‘Class’ and kudos have to go to Vivian Oparah for putting in a fantastic performance as Tanya and for dealing with the subject matter of the story so sensitively, but without over playing the performance. It’s the kind of nuanced performance that you’d expect from a much older actress. Which can only mean great things for Oparah’s career as things move forward.


Class - Nightvisiting
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