In Review: Class – Detained

Trapped in detention, dark truths emerge and fractures form in the friendship group.

Synopsis: Trapped in detention, dark truths emerge and fractures form in the friendship group.

Review: When a small piece of meteor rock smashes through a crack in time space it transports the students class room into a void where the normal rules of space time do not apply.

Over the course of the story the friends become more and more angry and have to work really hard not to turn on each other. It isn’t until  Matteusz picks up the rock that things begin to become clear. The rock forces Matteusz to make some uncomfortable confessions to Charlie.

Seeing the effect that the rock had on Matteusz. Tanya wonders if the effect is two ways. So picks up the rock and asks the other friends to ask her questions about where they are. The rock reveals that it is a prison holding a prisoner who has murdered over and over again.

Armed with the knowledge that they can get information from the rock. Each of the friends tries, but it isn’t until Charlie picks up the rock that they are able to make it back home. Apparently Charlies alien DNA and the fact that his species can just wish things out of existence is what ultimately saves them. But there is still a cost.  Given that Charlie wished the prisoner dad. The rock tries to take him, but he is saved by the last minute by Miss Quill who rushes in and blasts the rock.

Quills action and the fact that she has fired a weapon means that the monster in her head that has enslaved her to Charlie is no longer an issue. A fact, which isn’t lost on Charlie when he asks how she was able to fire her weapon.

The fact that Quill suddenly has free will is certainly a game changer. It also begs the question of whether or not her sudden freedom somehow ties in with the rock.

This episode was full of great acting performances from all the cast. It’s really hard to single one person out because every one of the young cast members brought their A-Game to this one.

Class - Detained
  • The Good: Solid Acting Performances
  • The Bad: May have been a tad dark for younger teens
  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI
  • Incidental Music

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