In Review: Class – Co-Owner Of A lonely Heart

As April's connection to the Corakinus strengthens, a sinister invasion begins.

Synopsis: As April’s connection to the Corakinus strengthens, a sinister invasion begins.

This review contains spoilers….

Review: The Shadow Kin return and the King is extra determined to wrest control of April’s heart and continue his invasion of earth. To that end one of his medics attaches an anchor to the heart that he currently shares with April in the hopes that it will give them the location of the crack in space time. So that they can come back through.

Meanwhile a new threat has managed to get through in the form of flower petals, which seem to multiply whenever they consume blood from small cuts, which they make whenever a person picks them up. This discovery is made by the new head mistress of Coal Hill who seems to be somewhat Alien herself. Which makes me wonder if the school board of Coal Hill and some of its teachers are in fact not of this earth.

The new head teacher enlists Miss Quill to help with the petal situation and promises to help remove the monster from her head, which is making her subservient to Alex.

Meanwhile the situation with April worsens as the connection between her and the shadow kin King intensifies. Her behaviour becomes more erratic and the only person she turns to for help is Ram who she has formed a solid bond with.  When her father shows up. It triggers an aggressive and combative side to April, which is frightening in that it takes Ram to talk her down from killing her father.

This is a great episode for April (Sophie Hopkins) in that it develops the arc started in the first episode and gives a little insight in the the Shadow Kin at the same time. I really enjoyed Sophie Hopkins performance in this episode and the transitions between the usually calm April and the possessed by ugly alien april. 

The episode ends on a massive cliffhanger, which sees April and Ram leaping through the crack in space time into the realm of the Shadow Kin.

This is the best episode yet and I can’t wait for next week.

Class - Co-Owner Of A lonely Heart
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