In Review: Class – Brave-ish Heart

April must confront Corakinus as the others try save the Earth from extinction.

Synopsis: April must confront Corakinus as the others try save the Earth from extinction.

Review: The story picks right up from where last week left off with April and Ram in the realm of the Shadow Kin trying to hunt down Corakinus.

Back on Earth the deadly flower petals are multiplying and an incredible rate and Ms Quill and her newfound ally Dorothea try to persuade Charlie into using the cabinet of souls from his dead homeworld. Dorothea has promised Quill that she will help her remove the monster from her head, which allows Charlie to control her.

While helping the kids battle the petals April’s mum learns that she can create a bridge to the shadow realm, which allows her to contact April. April is able to use this two way communication with her mum to defeat Carakinus and take command of the Shadow Kin.

Back on Earth Charlie, Quill, Dorothea and Matteusz have opened the cabinet and are summoning the souls, but it has become apparent that they do not need to do so because April now has an army of shadows at her back. An army, which she has let loose to eradicate the killer petals.

This was a really cool episode. I liked how Aprils connection to the petals led to them being able to defeat the petals and I also like the fact that Dorothea has joined the cast. If anything she is a fun counterpoint for Quill.

Still the episode left off with some fun drama to come. Such as well April and her mum ever let her father back into their lives. And how will Ram’s relationship with his father evolve now that his dad knows about Aliens.

Also will  Carakinus return at a later date. He wasn’t killed. Just imprisoned. He still shares a heart with April, which means that he’ll always be a danger to her and the team.

Class - Brave-ish Heart
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