In Review: Chuck Original Television Soundtrack

Long overdue is this official release of Tim Jones Soundtrack from the brilliant comedy drama series Chuck, which ended in 2012 after 5 seasons on NBC.

Review: Long overdue is this official release of Tim Jones Soundtrack from the brilliant comedy drama series Chuck, which ended in 2012 after 5 seasons on NBC.

The soundtrack released included four songs from the shockingly bad, but oh so good Jeffstar. Oops did I say good, more borderline hilarious, which is hard because there isn’t anything harder to do the musical comedy.

The one thing that is missing from the release is the excellent main title theme, which started the show every week. Which is surprising given the amount of covers have found of it on YouTube and elsewhere. I guess they were not able to get copyright permission from the band Cake in order to use it, which is a pity because the version used for the show is fantastic.

All the other key pieces of music are included though. From various pieces of music, which were used for Bryce Larkin to Chucks own action and spy music. Have to say that I enjoyed the ‘Action’ theme the most, but for various styles and influences being rolled into one long piece of music I have to take my hat off to ‘Mission Time’, which runs for over 9 minutes plus, but offers a lot of different genres in one giant scoop.

The soundtrack closes out with three songs from Jeffstar. I think if I had compiled this collection I would have most likely have broke things up a little by smattering the Jeffstar stuff in at various stages in the sequencing of this release, which was a little repetitive.

The CD version of this release comes with a fantastic booklet full of information about ‘Chuck’ and composer Tim Jones as well as some great looking still photos from the series.

Other than the omission of Cake’s song ‘Short Skirt, Long Jacket’, which is probably to do with licensing. This is a pretty solid release of the official soundtrack from the hit series, which I have to say I’ve re-watched several times.

CHUCK – Original Television Soundtrack, available digitally and on CD April 7, 2015.  I should imagine you will be able to get a nice discounted version at your local BUY MORE! 🙂

Chuck Original Television Soundtrack
  • Fantastic mix of styles and genres and inclusion of Jeffstar
  • Sequencing a little repetetive and the unfortunate none use of the main title sequence from the band Cake
  • Music
  • Sequencing
  • Presentation

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