Due to some timey wimey meanderings. We have been able to review all four issues of Mark Millar's latest Chrononauts story

Synopsis: THE BOYS ARE BACK. CHRONONAUTS returns with FUTURESHOCK, as time-traveling physicists Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly attempt to conquer the future with their new machine—The Timehawk. A little older but none the wiser, the best friends return for their biggest mission yet!

Review: Christmas has come early for fans of the Chrononauts because tomorrow Image Comics will release all four issues of the second story arc to feature the time travel cowboys of Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly. And it is all thanks to a glitch in the space-time continuum and the fact that Image Comics has a broken Flux Capacitor.

The Story

The following will be a broad-strokes look at the story with as few spoilers as possible. Ideally, none because I’d hate to ruin it too much.

Four years have passed since we first met Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly and the pair have made a few refinements to their technology, which includes a brand new machine called the Timehawk. When the two friends visit a future version of the City of Paris to find that it is totally decimated. The two friends set about trying to sort out the damage but find themselves after a few diversions taken to the far future where their science mentor Professor Cross has set up a huge Utopia where just about everything is perfect or is it?

Over the course of the four issues, Danny and Corbin slowly learn that there is a cost to perfection and consequences for both action and inaction when it comes to pulling the threads of time. The story looks at morality and time travel and brings us a lot of fun and interesting scenarios. You can tell that Mark Millar is having a shed load of fun with these characters.


Eric Canete does some brilliant pages across all four issues, which sees us seeing prehistoric beasts, aliens, as well as various touchstones throughout history.  Right from issue one Canete makes an immediate impression with an awesome set of drawings of the new time-ship that the two heroes have built.

We also get some awesome futuristic landscapes and surroundings all drawn with a great deal of loving care.

It’s pretty difficult to pick out one highlight from this book insofar as the art because there is simply a mindboggling amount of it, which takes to the far future as well as to the 1970s and the jungles of Vietnam.


This is a wonderful four issues of fun and adventure and although it is not quite as bonkers as the first story arc it makes up for it with some wonderfully funny moments and pop-cultural references that we’ll all recognize. We even get a really fun Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reference in the first issue. Look for it. I’m not saying where it is.

Overall. Tons of fun with some laugh out loud moments as well as some genuinely emotional moments.

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