In Review: Charlie’s Angels Vs’ The Bionic Woman

Charlie's Angel have a run in with The OSI's Jaime Sommers

Synopsis: When Charlie’s Angels pick up an assignment to steal a dangerous patent and put it back in the hands of its mysterious inventor, they encounter their toughest counterspy yet: The Bionic Woman, Jaime Sommers.

Review: Bringing together two of the most iconic TV shows of the 1970s. Dynamite set up a meeting between the 1980s line up of Charlies Angels and the OSI’s most talented female operative Jaime Sommers.

The Story

Set in 1983. This story sees the Angels being hired to acquire a chemical for its inventor from Naris, which is a tech and chemical research place. The chemical can apparently imbue individuals with superpowers for a short time. Hired by Naris to guard the chemical is none other than the Bionic Woman Jaime Sommers.

The Artwork

Fans of these two television series should not expect the artwork to resemble the characters in any way, because unfortunately, they do not. Jaime Sommers looks nothing like Lyndsey Wagner and the Angels do not really look like their TV counterparts either. Which is a bit unfortunate given that readers like myself do like those comic book representations of TV characters to actually look as much like them as possible.

In terms of the artwork though. Soo Lee has got the styles of the early 1980s bang on and the little action sequences are done really well.


Writer Cameron Deordio has set up a pretty interesting story here. I really like how the writer throws us right into the action as we witness an earlier attempt to steal the chemical. I also liked how true he was to how the Angels are given their mission with the disembodied voice of Charlie coming over a speakerphone.

Overall. This is a very promising first issue with a really nice cliffhanger ending, which is likely to set the wheels in motion for the rest of the story as The Angels meet Jaime Sommers for the first time. The question is will they work against each other or will they wind up as allies?

Good fun, but to bad that we can’t have artwork that resembles the actual characters a little more as opposed to a fast and loose artists interpretation. The artwork is solid. It’s just a matter of personal taste. I grew up with these characters.

Charlie's Angels Vs' The Bionic Woman
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