In Review: Charlie’s Angels vs. The Bionic Woman #4

The Angels make an unlikely ally.

Synopsis: What’s a hero to fight for? In this arc’s thrilling conclusion, the Angels have made an unlikely ally in their quest to steal the powerful adrenalizine formula from Naris Corp. — but will it be enough to overcome the military contractor’s upgraded security?

Review: The adventure concludes with one heck of a heist.

The Story

Having gotten one of the vault keys off of Jaime Sommers. The Angels struggle to devise a workable plan to steal the Adrenalizine, but thankfully have a little help from Jaime who having had a disagreement with Oscar Goldman comes up with a plan of her own.

The Artwork

Soo Lee concludes her time on this book with some great talking heads scenes, the various facial expressions we see during the panels where Jamie is trying to get Oscar to see sense and respect the wishes of Adrenalizine’s creator Rudy Wells are some of the best panels in the book. Especially the ones on the final pages.

I also loved the brief fight in which Oscar even with some of the drug is no match for Jaime or her bionics. The panel where Oscar eats some of the drugs was very reminiscent of the episode from the TV show where Jaime’s double took the drug.


Writer Cameron Deordio finishes this story on somewhat of a cliffhanger leaving Jaime’s fate in the wind as she is forced to go up against Oscar in order to do the moral and right thing. As a life long fan of both the Bionic TV shows. I have been really happy about the fact that Deordio obviously did some research and used Adrenalizine as his major plot point. As pointed out in the comic. The drug was developed by Rudy Wells to help cure people with paralyzing injuries, but when a healthy person takes the drug they become superhuman for a brief time, but the effects tail off.

It would have been cool to have seen Jaime’s double show up in the story. Given that she becomes addicted to the drug in the two-part episode ‘Deadly Ringer’. But that would likely have left little room in the story for Charlies Angels.

Overall. This has been a great homage to both TV shows and I’d personally love to see Cameron Deodio and Soo Lee do a stand-alone Bionic Woman story that makes further use of the TV shows mythology. Maybe something to do with the deadly fembots.

Charlie's Angels vs. The Bionic Woman #4
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