In Review: Charlie’s Angels vs. The Bionic Woman #3

Kelly's undercover and a hair's breadth away from getting Naris's security schematics to the rest of the Angels

Synopsis: Kelly’s undercover and a hair’s breadth away from getting Naris’s security schematics to the rest of the Angels, but the Bionic Woman has other plans — and a dangerously accurate hunch. Will Kelly make it out of Stoker Security? Will the Angels make it into the Naris vault?

Review: This months issue really gets to grips with opening up the story and all is not as it seems.

The Story

Having succeeded in surviving her stint undercover. Kelly is relieved to be back at the Detective Agency and reunited with the other Angels, but it seems they are no closer to finding and retrieving the Adrenzaline.

Meanwhile, Jaime having let Kelly go is suspicious with regards to what she is guarding and after having a little peek. She goes to see Dr. Rudy Wells, who is now retired. During her visit, she learns quite a bit about the drug is guarding and learns that she may not be on the side of the Angels this time.

The Artwork

Soo Lee does some awesome work in this issue. I loved the few panels where we see the Angels looking over the building plans as they plan how they will bring Oscar and Jaime onside.

I also enjoyed the series of panels where Jaime visits Dr. Wells who is drawn to look similar, but not identical to Martin E. Brooks, which is a nice touch.


This is a really good issue, which is setting things up for Jaime and the Angels to most likely work together as opposed to against each other. Cameron Deordio does a pretty decent job of setting all of this up and I really enjoyed the conversation between Jaime and Dr. Wells, which pretty much blows the top off of things. Additionally, I love the fact that this story sort of continues one of the storylines from the original series and even includes a fun appearance from Max the Bionic Dog.

My one complaint about this issue is to do with some of the lettering. There’s a sequence where Jaime is whispering while trying to find out what the drug is she is protecting. The font size is reduced to a point where I was having to strain to read it. Would it not be possible to change the font colour or something as opposed to reducing the font size? I have pretty good eyesight, but there are people I know that read comics who have sight problems and this kind of thing excludes them from enjoying these books.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how all of this plays out in the next issue.

Charlie's Angels vs. The Bionic Woman #3
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