In Review: Charlie’s Angels vs. The Bionic Woman #2

This second issue picks things up from where last month left off as Charlies Angels come face to face with Jaime Sommers. 

Synopsis: Can Charlie’s Angels escape Naris Corp.’s walled compound with the information they need, or will Naris’s top guard, the Bionic Woman, put a stop to the Angels’ latest job before it really begins?

Review: This second issue picks things up from where last month left off as Charlies Angels come face to face with Jaime Sommers.

The Story

The Charles Townsend Detective agency has managed to infiltrate Naris Corp and have come face to face with the Bionic Woman for the first time. One of the Angels is able to knock the wind out of Jaime before she is able to make her move, which allows all three angels to scatter do their job and make a fairly clean escape. But they are still none the wiser about what Naris is up too with the formula they were hired to steal.

Meanwhile back at OSI a despondent Jamie is training with Oscar Goldman and picking his brains about where she could have done better. The fact that the Angels managed to get in and out of Naris is something that Jaime has taken very personally and she is determined not to repeat the mistake.

The Artwork

For me, the cover art seems truer to the likeness of the characters from the TV show whereas the interior comic art puts me in mind of what a newspaper strip may have looked like has there been any strips of Charlies Angels Vs Bionic Woman back in the day.

The artist Soo Lee does a grand job of capturing the vibe, feel and look of the early 1980s with the permed hairdos and halter tops. And of course the cars. Overall, its solid artwork, but it’s very much an artists interpretation of what Charlies Angels and Bionic Woman might have looked like had it not been on TV and the writer had to go to the Dynamite Comics Casting Agencies.


Cameron Deordio does a grand job voicing the various characters and his take on Jaime feeling that she has let herself down is very reflective of what the character would have been like in similar situations we saw on the TV series. As was the brief conversation that the Angels have with Bosley after their first job in regards to the nature of Naris.

Overall. The writer does a great job of moving the story forward and ends this issue on a more thoughtful note, which is likely going to build up to some more action in the next issue.

Charlie's Angels vs. The Bionic Woman #2
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