In Review: Charlie’s Angels #5

The Angels are faced with an impossible choice.

Synopsis: Decision time! What are you going to do, Angels? Save Charlie, or the President of the United States? ‘Cause you don’t have time to do both, and those evil, awful East German spies are gonna kill one if you rescue the other. So what’s it gonna be? Lose your boss, or the leader of the free world? Too bad there are only three Angels, and not six… right?

Review: The finale of John Layman’s ‘Charlies Angels’ provides us with a rollercoaster ride as the team demonstrates their girl power by trying to achieve not one, but two daring rescues.

The Story

John Layman does an excellent job of wrapping up this story and providing a satisfying conclusion, which will make original series fans happy but will also potentially launch comic book adventures for newer modern Angels.

The issue starts with a CIA agent being interviewed about events over 40 years ago. When the original 3 Charlies Angels rescued the president and also managed to save Charlie with a little additional help from Bosley.

This makes for a Blues Brothers style car chase through Paris and some strategically placed phone calls.

The Artwork

Joe Eisma artwork in this final issue gives us some brilliant moments. I particularly enjoyed the drawing of the car chase sequence where the Angels were out running about 40 police cars on stolen motorbike and sidecar.

I also enjoyed the incident with the traffic cop and how that was all drawn and laid out.


This is a very satisfying conclusion to the story, which bridges the gap between the original ‘Charlies Angels’ and some of the other Angels from the original television series, but concludes thing in such a way that leaves it open for a more modern take on Charlies Angels with the original trio working behind the scenes. Which might actually be something that could work.

Hopefully, it is something we’ll get to see.

Charlies Angels #5
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