In Review: Charlie’s Angels #4

Introducing The Satanbratan, East Germany's equivalent of the Angels

Synopsis: They’ve got a mysterious boss who hides in the shadows and calls the shot. There are three of them, lovely and lethal, a trio of tough cookies you do NOT want to mess with. Introducing The Satanbratan, East Germany’s equivalent of the Angels— the EVIL equivalent! And these deadly, dastardly dames ain’t gonna rest until our favorite Angels are six feet under.

Review: Things begin to get interesting in the fourth issue of John Layman’s ‘Charlies Angels’ as some spycraft and action comes into play.

The Story

Continuing from the last issue. The Angels have run into their new enemies The Stanbratan. In this issue, the evil angels look to try and get the real Angels to go along with a plot to assassinate the American President.

If they do not agree to along with this plot they face a slow and painful death from torture.

The Artwork

We get some nice artwork in this issue from Joe Eisma and one of my favorite moments his how he managed to convey such a menacing look on the face of the lead member of the Satanbratan when she reveals a suitcase full of torture devices.

I also quite enjoyed the opening few panels in which we see the Angels about to execute the Satanbratan plan and take out the president.

In regards to the cover art. I rather enjoyed the cover of the Angels doing a bit of that old 1970’s Roller Darby stuff, but it has nothing to do with the story in this issue, which kind of threw me off a little. Although as a cover it hits the right spot from a nostalgic point of view.


This was a rather enjoyable issue. I liked seeing the Satanbratan in action and also enjoyed how it is revealed that the Angels have bested them by the close of the issue.

One small complaint though is the lettering on page 17 where the Satanbratan is whispering. I literally had to strain my eyes to read what they were saying. I suggest maybe changing to a different font as opposed to making the text so minutely small that it is barely readable.

Charlies Angels #4
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