In Review: Captain Kronos #3

Vampire hunter KRONOS finds himself trapped in the vampires's lair and fighting for his very life against a horde of Slake's minions

Synopsis: Vampire hunter KRONOS finds himself trapped in the vampires’ lair and fighting for his very life against a horde of Slake’s minions who seem utterly impervious to most weapons, including direct sunlight, silver, garlic and even the power of a crucifix! Now it’s up to Carla and Grost to rescue Kronos before he himself is turned into one of Slake’s ghouls…

Review: Picking up from where the last issue left off. Kronos is in serious trouble and it looks like the odds are very much against him. What started off as a survey of the Vampires lair has very quickly turned into a bloodbath and the vampire leader Slake has the upper hand.

To that end. Grost and Carla make ready to rescue their captain so they can regroup, but once together again. The tension between Grost and Kronos is very much an issue, but a needed reminder.

This issue was superb. Writer Dan Abnett delivers some awesome dialogue between Kronos and Slake as they do battle, but then delivers a second time with a fantastic conversation between Grost and Kronos as the two men debate the merits of their trade as well as the dangers. It’s fair to say that Grost is somewhat annoyed at Kronos for going off half-cocked┬áby not considering the dangers of his mission.

Added to the brilliant writing. We have some wonderful drawing by artist Tim Mandrake who delivers both the gore and atmospherics in equal measure. I particularly enjoyed his portrayal of the duel between Kronos and Slake and the vampires and ghouls in the background egging Slake on were fantastic.

Also, the facial expressions from Kronos as he and Grost argued about some of the rash decision making was brilliant. I also loved the panels where Carla ordered the villagers to open the gates so that she and Grost could get to Kronos.

Overall. A very satisfying issue, which sets me up perfectly for issue four when its released next month.

Captain Kronos #3
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