In Review: Captain Carter (2022) #5 (of 5) THE END OF THE LINE!


Synopsis: THE END OF THE LINE! Captain Carter’s powerful enemies are closing in, painting her as dangerous and out of touch with reality. But Peggy’s mind has never been clearer — and now that she knows what she’s up against, she’s going to put an end to it…even if it costs her everything.



Having learned that the prime minister was a vampire in the last issue. Peggy went after him only to be captured and imprisoned. Now it is down to Lizzie Braddock, Tony Stark, and Harley to launch a rescue attempt. But first, they need to fill Agent Hunter in on what is happening right under his nose. A plan is formed and with some help from Hunter the team go in after Peggy, but the Prime Minister and his Vampire sister are not too far behind.


The Artwork

 Marika Cresta goes into full action mode as we see some awesome line work that depicts the action. Especially in the middle of the book when Lizzie and the team break Peggy out of the high-security prison. The final battle between Peggy and the Prime Minister is brilliantly drawn. As is the battle between Tony Stark and the Prime Ministers’ sister in which we see Stark have chunks torn out of his metal body. 

I loved the panels where Hunter is riding to work in the belief that it is just a normal day. At least he does until Lizzie Braddock deactivates her personal cloaking device. I’d love to see this series of panels committed to film or an animated movie but it was an awesome reveal and a fun visual.



The End OF THE LINE! does a brilliant job of bringing this story arc to an end, but leaves things open enough for Agent Carter to return at some future date. As to whether it will be for S.T.R.I.K.E. or some other team of heroes remains to be seen. But I’d personally love to see Harley and Lizzie Braddock get another adventure as well as they made for fun characters.

Overall. Can we have a second mini-series, please?

Captain Carter (2022) #5 (of 5) THE END OF THE LINE!
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