In Review: Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4)

When I saw the teaser for 'Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare' I had to give the game a try.

Review: As people well know. Its quite rare for me to write a gaming review because its not often that I have the time to invest in playing a video game beyond the odd ten minute session on Fifa 15.

When I saw the teaser for ‘Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ I had to give the game a try. I was one of the many that was dissapointed in the sequels to ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’ and I had pretty much given up on the series when they released Black Ops a couple of years back. So I was understandably a little pessimistic about this new game, but given that Kevin Spacey was playing a role in the game. The main villain no less. I just had to give this a look.

In terms of story ‘Advanced Warfare’ isn’t anything special, but gets away being a story of revenge and conquest mixed with corporate greed by virtue of some wonderful acting performances from all the cast. I mean sure Spacey totally sells himself as the charismatic bad guy, but the supporting cast also do a great job of helping immerse you into the gaming experience.

As far as game-play goes nothing has really changed all that much since the earlier ‘Call Of Duty’ installments, but the addition of having battle suits that allow you to leap small buildings in a single bound and the ability to render yourself invisible are nice additions, but not used as much as I’d have liked to have seen them used.

One of my favorite missions on the game sees you infiltrating the villains main base during a party. You pretty much have to use a lot of stealth in order to take out enemy troops and obtain information without being spotted.

The plot twist in this is that as a soldier who loses an arm in battle you sort of end up working for the bad guys for a four year period before said bad guys reveal their true nature. So pretty much the same as the previous games only you seem to be a tad more invested by default because these villains are the ones that allowed you to carry on soldiering when it looked like the US Military has pretty much done with you.

All in all ‘Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ is a vast improvement over the more recent installments of the ‘Call Of Duty’ series.

Graphically it looks nice, but it isn’t really pushing the PS4 to the maximum of its abilities. I doubt we will see a game that does that for some years to come. But that said its no slouch on the graphics front either.

To sum up its a fun game and it gets even better when you move on from the single player campaign into the multilayer games.


Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4)
  • Great acting performances all round
  • New game features not used enough within the campaign game
  • Story
  • Graphics
  • playability
  • Acting
  • Music
  • Multiplayer Games

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