In Review: BSG Vs. BSG #3

Just when the two Galactica crews are becoming adjusted to each other, a brand new surprise comes through the wormhole.

Synopsis: Just when the two Galactica crews are becoming adjusted to each other, a brand new surprise comes through the wormhole. Meanwhile, the match that fans have been demanding happens: Starbuck fraks Starbuck. Which you know is going to lead to nothing but trouble. While that’s going on, Baltar gets a most unexpected visitor.

Review: Peter David continues to have fun by having the original Battlestar Galactica characters interact with those from the re-imagining and to say that some of what he does is not predictable would be a massive understatement.

Oh dear, oh dear.

Over the years. For my money. Peter David has been amongst the finest writers when it comes to tie-in novels and his Star Trek work has been second to none. Which is why I kind of find him having Starbuck Frak Starbuck somewhat of a disappointment. It’s far too fanboyish and too much like the Daleks battling the Cybermen in Doctor Who. It diminishes the characters. As a joke and as some fun its great. But when done as part of the comics ongoing drama and when done just so Kara Starbuck can punish her husband. It just did not sit right with me.

To date, the most interesting element of this comic has been the character of Kali who is apparently responsible for the creation of the Cylon’s in the original Battlestar Universe. I’m finding this to be an interesting twist due to the fact that the Cylon creation story from the original series is something that was only ever told in past tenths. We never actually got to see it or knew who or what created them.

Also interesting and fun was Colonial Tigh meeting Colonial Tigh and the fact that Apollo from the original universe looks suspiciously like Tom Zarek. I’m pretty sure that the late Richard Hatch would have appreciated and somewhat have enjoyed that twist.

As with the previous issues. The artwork by Johnny Desjardins is serviceable to the story, but when it comes to character likenesses it falls flat.

A crossover between the original Battlestar Galactica crew and the Re-imagined crew was always going to present fun and interesting ideas. But you have to wonder if some of those ideas are perhaps left as just ideas and not allowed to germinate beyond that.

BSG Vs. BSG #3
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