In Review: British Paranormal Society: Time Out of Mind #3

Honora and Simon are pulled more deeply still into the mysteries of Noxton!

Synopsis: This month in British Paranormal Society Honora and Simon are pulled more deeply still into the mysteries of Noxton! Once Simon discovers the identity of his attacker, time is of the essence to figure out what happened to his missing researcher and how it connects to the strange town.


The Story

Having found Lowell in the last issue. Honora and Simon try to calm their friend down, but he is seemingly out of his mind and thinks that some evil being is after him. When Lowell runs away they give chase but are not able to catch up with him before he falls off a cliff.

While speaking to a police officer to explain that she thinks a cult may have tried to get hold of Lowell. Honora is dismissed by the policeman, which leads her and Simon into suspecting that he may also be a part of the cult. Having seen their friend’s fate. The two of them decide to further investigate and stumble into a ritual that sees the cult about to sacrifice another newcomer to their village to their Gray Man.


The Artwork

Andrea Mutti continues to knock it out of the park with her art. I love how she manages to conjure up a kind of old-school hammer horror feel to these pages. I was particularly impressed with the finale few pages and how she made clever use of a kind of a green color wash in order to give a sort of spooky feel to the sequence in which Honora and Simon stumble across the cult when it is about to make a sacrifice to their Gray Man. The final page of this issue is awesome fun.



Once again the writing team does a great job of building upon the events seen in the previous issue. I particularly enjoyed the pacing in this issue and enjoyed how things built up to yet another stunning cliffhanger. I also love how Honora seems to be the more devil may care one whereas Simon is somewhat more cautious. It makes for a fun and interesting dynamic. I can’t wait to find out how this all turns out in the next issue.



British Paranormal Society: Time Out of Mind #3
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