In Review: Britannia – We Who Are about to Die #3

As the Detectioner comes closer to the truth, he comes closer to death.

Synopsis: Antonius finds himself and Achillia in Nero’s deadly sights. The two must battle the emperor’s elite praetorian guard in a coliseum death match. If the detectioner falls here, he knows his son will surely die shortly thereafter. Antonius presses the gladiator to reveal what she knows of the madness that has taken over the youth of Rome, and he continues the hunt to save his only child. Is this new threat born of the supernatural? Though he may not believe in the gods, Anotnius knows from experience that sometimes things aren’t all they appear to be; however, sometimes, it is just easier to believe in [redacted] magic.

Review: Britannia is a mystery series that juggles a lot. There are the power struggles between the Rubria and Nero. There are the Roman senators who vie for power and influence in society. Finally, you have the rational and irrational always playing a factor in everyone’s lives. With the first series, all of these moving pieces sometimes felt jumbled. Now, the series has developed a good rhythm.  The troubles afflicting Rome are never brought about by the gods, but the people Rome has wounded in some way. The sorceress Elissa may be channeling supernatural abilities to exact her revenge, but it she, not the gods. It makes for a compelling story. The gods, with all of their power, don’t pose as much as a threat to people as we do ourselves. Smart way to tell a story because in the end the how is not as important as the why.

What can be said about Ryp’s art that hasn’t already been said? Issue three jumps right into the heart of battle. The faces of those in battle convey a sense of urgency and primal power. I may have mentioned it once or a thousand times before, but the eyes really give credibility to the fight panels. Specifically, the coloring for the eyes are what really brings vividness to these characters. The panel where Elissa’s face is composed of spirits in agony is outstanding and terrifying.

In conclusion, Britannia continues to deliver a good story, and, in other news, fire hot.

Britannia - We Who Are about to Die #3
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