In Review: Britannia III – Season 3

This season brings us the wonderfully talented Sophie Okonedo. Who gives us one of her most memorable characters to date in the form of Aulus's Wife Hempel.

Synopsis: In Britannia, Aulus has built himself a smart villa overlooking the new town of Verulamium. But underneath, Druids and Celtic tribes still resist power.


The Story

The third season picks up shortly after events seen in the last series. The Varens brother is dead and General Aulus is sitting complacently in his new Villa. However, Aulus’s peace is soon disturbed by the arrival of his wife. The sorceress Hempel. In a flashback sequence, we are given a horrifying peek at Aulus’s past. Where we see Hempel and Aulus murder and eat his child in a sacrifice to their god.

Meanwhile, Cait and Divis have returned to the Druid camp. But when Cait has a meeting with Varen and attempts to kill him. She runs off to be on her own and while wandering into a Roman encampment and building site she hustles the locals for some coin and has a chance meeting with Lucius. They have an interesting conversation until Lucius reveals himself when talking about the spear that he used to pierce the heart of Jesus Christ. As she learns who Lucius is Cait runs and wanders around a little until she meets Queen Antedia who has just cleverly escaped a life of drudgery as a house slave. 

As they get to know each other. Antedia and Cait find much in common and decide to travel together as they have scores to settle with General Aulus. Eventually, the two women reconnect with Divis and the other druids when Caits father is killed. But unbeknownst to them. Hempel has hexed their mission and planted a traitor amongst them.

As the story unfolds. We get presented with a lot of fun twists and turns as the 8 episodes progress.


The Acting


Sophie Okonedo as Hemple


Britannia has always brought us some brilliant acting performances and this third season is no exception. This season brings us the wonderfully talented Sophie Okonedo. Who gives us one of her most memorable characters to date in the form of Aulus’s Wife Hempel. As mentioned earlier. Hempel is a sorcerer and has similar abilities to Varen. Only Hempel’s approach is more hedonistic and even a tad sadistic. She seems to derive great joy from playing mind games with her husband and makes an immediate impression by killing General Aulus’s Praetus and offering him up as a blood sacrifice. To say that Okonedo owns this role would be a huge understatement as it is a commanding performance from the very first.

Much like with previous seasons. Eleanor Worthington-Cox puts in a performance that is far beyond her years. Over the show’s development. We have seen Worthington Cox’s character of Cait go from an innocent young girl to a full-fledged Druid Warrior. This season shows Cait settles into her role as The Chosen One and by the season finale. She totally owns it. But Cait coming into her own in this way changes her relationship with her former Mentor Divis (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) who seems to be just tagging along at this point, but ultimately has a different purpose.

David Morrissey continues to give us a fairly complex and haunted figure as General Aulus and this season he gets really put through it. Likewise, Mackenzie Crook still poses an important figure as Varen, but his role is lessened this season with the arrival of Hempel and Cait’s story taking full flight. Nonetheless, Varen still has a lot to get done and ultimately gets some interesting plot twists, which are helped along by the arrival of Hempel.



Britannia offers up a satisfying third season, which brings a lot of plot twists and some massive moments. The season finale ends on a big note, which feels somewhat final. But we do not know yet if this is the show’s final season. If indeed this is the final season of Britannia. Then I think it has ended on an interesting note, but it also leaves room for a few spin-off shows should the writers wish to follow up on some of this.

Overall. This was by far the best Bank Holiday Binge watch that I have done in quite a while.


You can check out all episodes of Britannia now on Now TV or Via Sky Q.

Britannia III - Season 3
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