Some genuinely fun moments transpire in this episode as we see Phelan's new life get smashed to pieces.

Synopsis: The Dead Man sends Hella on a mission. Phelan’s new life comes crashing down and Rork’s suspicions about Veran lead him into a duel.

Review: Some genuinely fun moments transpire in this episode as we see Phelan’s new life get smashed to pieces.

The Story

The Veran’s vision of The Dead Man in last week’s episode has causes suspicion amongst the Druids and as he tries to muster the troops for taking the fight to the Romans Rork challenges his authority and we get to again witness the brutality of the druid ways.

Elsewhere, Phelan has been living his life as Rolf a farmer and a pretty poor one at that. When his new wife sends him off to sell some cattle he makes 20 silver pieces on the deal, but later on, he sees his Sisters head up for auction. Unbeknown to Phelan, this is a clever trap devised by the Deadman and Hella to bring him out into the open, but not before taking some pretty intense beatings from his wife’s brother and friends.

In the woodlands, Divis continues to train Cait in Druid ways to prepare her to fulfill her purpose according to prophecy. General Aulus orders and deploys his best man to find Cait and her mentor.

The Acting

Mackenzie Crook gets to pull double duty in this episode as we see him as Veran and The Dead Man. In the role of Veran he has to defend his title. There is little difference between the two characters thus far beyond the physical aspect of one having hair and the other being bald, but I am sure we’ll get more of the differences as the season progresses.

Also a lot of fun this week was Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Eleanor Worthington-Cox as Divis and Cait. The two continue to have a fun relationship as Cait pretty much sarcastically battles with her mentor.


Another fun episode, which is building towards what can only be another interesting storyline. What does The Deadman want with Phelan? What other tests does Divis have in store for Cait?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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