In Review: Britannia II – Episode Three

Veran gives Ania a terrible choice.

Synopsis: Veran gives Ania a terrible choice. Harka brings Phelan under his spell and the next stage of Cait and Divis’s prophecy begins.

Review: This was a somewhat slow-paced episode focusing mostly on the story arc and building on the show’s mythology.

The Story

Having won his battle with Rork in last week’s episode. Veran is re-establishing his authority over the Druids and to that end several of those close to him our under his scrutiny. Ania is one of those people and she is asked to give up her child to show loyalty, but she is also told by Veran that someone is out to betray him.

Elsewhere Aulus is riding high after having sent Claudius on his way, but he still has to deal with one of Claudius’s advisers who stayed behind. When a Druid woman enters Aulus’s settlement claiming to be a queen and issuing threats. Aulus dismisses it out of hand but still has to figure out where the bodies in the woods that the woman referred to have come from.

Meanwhile, The Deadman who is called Harka has pretty much placed Phelan under his spell and he compares his relationship with Veran to how Phelan lost his sister.

Divis and Cait find the next stage to their prophecy when Cait sees The Deadman.

The Acting

Once again Mackenzie Crook gets loads to do and manages to pull off a great performance. I loved his scenes with Phelan and how he seemed to be quite easily manipulating him with stories of how he was betrayed by his brother Veran.


A pretty slow-paced episode, which did a lot to add to the show’s mythology. I really enjoyed the little animations that illustrated the backstory of Harka and Veran. I also thought the use of the Serpent to kill Harka was a nice touch, especially given that Veran seems to be the more manipulative of the two brothers.

Overall. Not a bad episode, but not the best we have seen either, but it is definitely building to something.

Britannia II - Episode Three
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