In Review: Britannia II – Episode Four

Hella makes Aulus an offer she knows he can't resist.

Synopsis: Hella makes Aulus an offer she knows he can’t resist. Phelan fulfills his mission and Cait and Divi’s dreams spell new danger.

Review: This episode sees a bit of Druid witchcraft that is put to great use.

The Story

The prophecy of Harka’s return continues to unfold and things start to get really dark.

Hella pays a visit to General Aulus with an offer he can’t refuse. For twice her body weight in silver, she gives the General the whereabouts of the Druid woman Willa. The one snag is Aulus and his men will have to dig her up first.

Elsewhere Phelon finds a family and takes the male children on a journey to meet Harka. Quite what Harka has in mind has not really been revealed yet, but given that he is just as menacing as his brother Veran. It can’t possibly be good.

Back at camp Aulus. The General has brought in a professional interrogator to get as much information out of Willa as he can, but Willa despite losing four fingers to the torturer’s axe manages to outsmart and put a spell on him.  She isn’t quite so smart with Aulus who proves too much even for her. After his talk with Willa. The general sends Queen Amena to an encampment.

The Acting

Jodie McNee puts in a proper creepy performance as Willa. The scenes she has with Aulus start off rather playful until Aulus chops his little finger off without a moment’s hesitation. But it was the scenes of her getting tortured, which proved somewhat disturbing given how calm she was throughout the whole ordeal.

As always David Morrissey totally rules the roost as Aulus and you can almost see the cogs moving as he plots his next move.


Another strong episode. We’re still not entirely sure where this is going to lead, but what we do know is that it will likely be a battle between Aulus, Veran, and Harka with Divi and Cait caught in the middle.

I really enjoyed seeing the use of druid magic in this episode, but I am yet to see what toll that it has on the practitioner gave that all things have consequences.

Britannia II - Episode Four
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