In Review: Britannia II – Episode 9

Divis gets one last chance to prove himself.

Synopsis: Divis gets one last chance to prove himself. Meanwhile, Cait’s newfound happiness is cut short as Phelan tries to right his wrongs.

Review: This penultimate episode sets a fair bit up by focusing mainly on Cait and Divis individual journeys.

The Story

Picking things up from last week. Divis has been trapped by a spell of Harka’s devising, which he channeled through his possession of Mallin. While Divis stuck in place by a golden bow and arrow. Mallin and Caitlin have wandered off on there own and are beginning to fall in love. While traveling together Caitlin begins to realize her true powers. At one point using an invisibility spell on herself to trick and play with Malin. Cait is still not aware that Malin is being used as a vessel for Harka, who is trying to lure her to him to be sacrificed.

Meanwhile, Divis is still stuck and is doing all he can to free himself so that he can fulfill his destiny as the guardian and go after Caitlin and keep her safe from Harka, but that task is proving more difficult than ever. He even tries to channel the Pwika to helo free him but is unable to muster the energy. Thankfully help is at hand from his mentor Quane who frees Divis of his bondage allowing him one last chance as Guardian.

Phelan is on of a mission of his own. He knows that Harka’s plans, which means he is going to have to kill Malin in order to be fairly certain of delaying Harka’s plans for Cait.

The Acting

Nikolaj Lie Kaas is absolutely brilliant in this episode as Divis. The various scenes where Divis is struggling to free himself from the spell that he is under are really funny. As was his brief exchange with Phelan who is passing by. But it is the scenes that Divis has with David Bradley’s Quane that really sell it.

Cait and Malin’s relationship is really beautifully dealt with. Eleanor Worthington-Cox is fantastic in her role and she is absolutely glowing during the scenes she has with Malin. The scene where she is learning to fish is a lot of fun as we get a true sense of the happiness that Cait is getting from her time alone with Malin. Tom Rhys Harries also does a great job of selling the romance but also allowing his fellow actor the space to do her thing.


This was a superbly done episode, which focused a lot on the budding relationship between Cait and Malin, but also counterpointed that with Divis struggle to escape a very difficult situation. Harka has a few moments. The most chilling of which is at the close of the episode where you get the sense that everything is going to plan for him. In spite of Phelan’s best effort to put a proverbial spanner in the works.

I look forward to seeing how all of this will play out in next week’s season finale. Especially given how grief-stricken and angry Cait will most likely be. Will Divis be able to get to her in time and if so will he be able to help her through it and stop her from doing something silly. She is stronger now and has demonstrated her magic a couple of times. But you get the sense that she still isn’t ready for Harka.

Overall. A solid episode.

Britannia II - Episode 9
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