In Review: Britannia II – Episode 8

Aulus outrages Domitius with a confession and Andra discovers the truth about her family.

Synopsis: Aulus outrages Domitius with a confession and Andra discovers the truth about her family. Divis tries to use his powers on love.

Review: Various story threads come together as the season begins to wind things up toward episodes 9 and 10.

The Story

Aulus returns to his camp and finishes off some unfinished business with Domitius before setting off with his Legion to find the chosen one.

Meanwhile, Divis is preparing Cait for another initiation as he suspects something is not right with Mallin who Cait pulled out of the water a few weeks back. Malin, as we know, has been sent by Harka who has wiped his memory so that he can better achieve his objective, which is to bring him the Chosen One. Unfortunately Divis test forces Harka’s hand.

Lucius who left the service of Aulus and has been trying to live a simple life as a fisherman has all but given up on life and is considering taking his own life. A chance meeting with Cait’s father The Blindman stops Lucius in his tracks as the Blind Man gives him a new mission to protect The Chosen one aka Cait.

The Acting

Hugo Speer puts in a solid performance as Lucius and the scenes he shares with Cait’s father are really powerful and look like they could be a major key to how the next two episodes will play out.

I was also impressed with Tom Rhys Harries who as Malin winds up doing a great scene where Malin is possessed by Harka and prevents Divis from going after him and Cait with the use of a Rune.


This second season took a little while to get going as the seeds for the bigger story were gradually planted, but it’s worth sticking with as you get rewarded in the end. This particular episode had quite a lot happen. So much that I have only really been able to touch on some of it in this review. But let’s just say that things are looking primed for a right old ding dong between Veris, Harka and possibly Aulus and his legion as all three men try to outsmart each other in order to gain possession of The Chosen One.

With only two more episodes left. I can’t wait to see how it will all play out.

Britannia II - Episode 8
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