In Review: Britannia II – Episode 6

Harka sends Veran a message.

Synopsis: Philio and Brutus play a prank, but their timing couldn’t be worse. Harka sends Veran a message.

Review: Things start to open up as Harka makes a very bold move. Heads will literally roll.

The Story

The ex Roman soldier’s Philio and Brutus are back and they play a fun prank on a Roman encampment in the west country, which sees them getting the entire camp doped out of their minds on mushrooms. Which inadvertently softens them up for Harka’s attack.

Meanwhile. Amena is still in Devni and has been sentenced to death by her own people, but Amena holds a secret, which could be the undoing of the tribe. A secret that goes to the very heart of her own origins and the true identity of the Devni’s Queen and the tribe’s relationship with Veran.

The Acting

Annabel Scholey puts in an amazing performance this week as Amena who has sided with the Romans out of a sense of survival, but also out of wanting some justice for what happened to her as well as how the Devni treated her after she was raped as a child. The scene she has with Veran is fantastic. Especially when she threatens to reveal the truth, but it is her scene with her mother at the close of the episode, which pretty much gives us her entire backstory and gives us some real insight into why Amena has made the choices she has made.


This was a brilliant episode, which closes out with some truly brutal scenes of Druids laying waste to an encampment of Romans who are ill-equipped due to deal with them given that they are all coming down from being drugged by Brutus and Philo.

The scene at the close where Harka’s people throw all the heads of the dead Roman’s over the walls into the town hall of Devni to give Varan the message that Harka is coming well and truly sets things up for what could potentially be a truly brutal final few episodes.

Britannia II - Episode 6
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