In Review: Britannia #3

Britannia #3 is one of Valiant's most gorgeous issues yet.

Synopsis: Trained by the enigmatic order of Vestal Virgins, Antonius Axia is the world’s first Detectioner. As Axia continues to unravel the mystery behind the gruesome murders occurring in the frontier wilds of Britannia, the wyrd woman named Eryn comes to his aid. Will Eryn help unlock the key to understanding what is going on? Is this some elaborate ruse to deflect the true motives of the perpetrators? Or is their something more eldritch at work?

Review: Britannia #3 returns to the shelves with a strong third issue. With so much world building in previous installments, writer Peter Milligan is able to really flesh out Axia. We get to explore the depths of his trauma, and we get a firm understanding of his motivations from Axia himself. This is accomplished when the Detectioner confronts the wyrd green mist monstrosity that has attacked him on multiple occasions since he arrived in Britannia. The creature pulls the darkest memories of a person, and uses those memories against them (The death of his lover, and the birth of the son they had in secret.). Axia is able to confront these internal fears to a point, but it is only with the sudden appearance of Eryn, Axia is able to escape. With Eryn giving him more information, Antonius continues to move closer to solving the bizarre dealings in Britannia.

Jose Juan Ryp does outstanding work once again. His pencils add a richness to the story that is enhanced by colorist Jordie Bellaire. The flashback to Antonius’ legion days was absolutely gorgeous, and I look forward to seeing them every time. The art team moves from wartime horror to demonic horror seamlessly. Both of them are jarring, but it somehow seems to work. When things start to move into the realm of bizarre, it is as if our eyes are playing tricks on us. Specifically, the panel where we see Antonius’ face in what seems to be a mandrake root was fun and unnerving.

The final issue of Britannia will be issue four. In that issue, there will be a lot of ground to cover. There is so much of this series that has yet to be said, and I hope the creative team are able to bring our story to a successful close. Ultimately, this is both the failing and strength of issue #3. You would think that there would be a more firm understanding of actually is going on; I thought Britannia #3 would give the readers that. It did not. However, it left me wanting desperately to finish this journey, and any book that can achieve that is a good one in my opinion.

Britannia #3
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