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Set in a future Los Angeles where human's, Orcs, Elves and other fantasy creatures have co-existed since the beginning of time. Bright follows two beat cops from very different backgrounds.

Synopsis: Set in a future Los Angeles where human’s, Orcs, Elves and other fantasy creatures have co-existed since the beginning of time. Bright follows two beat cops from very different backgrounds.¬†Ward, a human (Will Smith), and Jakoby, an orc (Joel Edgerton), begin a routine night patrol that will alter the future of their world as they know it.

Review: Bright attempts to fuse the fantasy and buddy cop genres and falls short.

As a fan of genre film and television. I was looking forward to Bright and was hoping for something that was perhaps a lot deeper with more mythology than what we got. In fact aside from being set in an LA where Elves, Orcs, Fairies and Human’s have co-existed¬†since the beginning of time. There is very little mythology other than that.

The story sees police officers Ward and Jakoby sucked into an investigation, which finds them having to protect a magic wand from an evil cult of Elves wanting to use it and summon the dark lord.

The films title ‘Bright’ refers to those beings that are able to touch the wands without being disintegrated. We only really see certain Elves being able to touch the wands, which makes sense given that the Elves in this limited universe pretty much run everything.

The film’s narrative succeeds a little when trying to use the different races as a means of social allegory concerning racism and the like, but it doesn’t really delve deep enough into the subject to make it worthwhile.

At the midway point. I found myself staring at my watch, which is never good. The story drags and to make matters worse all the none human characters except Jakoby and the Elven FBI agent speak to each other in their own unique languages, which means you have to read the subtitles in order to follow events, which is a lot¬†to expect for the minority of viewers that maybe dyslexic or partially sighted. Thankfully, I’m neither but still found the pacing and story quite dull.

Will Smith¬†and¬†Joel Edgerton¬†were really solid in their respective roles and were a convincing partnership, but even those solid acting performances couldn’t save this film from tanking.¬†

Netflix has been putting out some fantastic movies of late. The best being ‘What Happened To Monday’, which we reviewed earlier this year, but sadly ‘Bright’ isn’t one of them, which is a great shame because I had very high hopes for it.

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