In Review: Boss Level

A retired Special Forces officer is trapped in a never-ending time loop on the day of his death.
Boss Level

Synopsis: In Boss Level a retired Special Forces officer is trapped in a never-ending time loop on the day of his death.


The Story

Former Special Forces Officer Roy Pulver has been living and dying in a nightmarish time loop. Each day he gets killed by some freaky assassin but is puzzled as to why he is being targeted as well as how. After having lived the same day on repeat for over 150 days. Roy eventually figures it all out and learns that it is all part of some time travel plot to try and reset time. And behind it, all is a wannabe dictator.


The Acting

Frank Grillo pulls off the alcoholic macho jerk pretty well. His character of Roy undergoes a really fun emotional journey as he slowly learns why he is living the same day over and over. I really enjoyed the scenes of Roy playing video games with his son. And how it was that relationship that snaps him out of the self-loathing that Roy is displaying at the start of the film.

The villain of the piece is played by Mel Gibson who effortlessly pulls off the over-the-top cartoonish bad guy that would regularly pop up during the 80s. The final showdown scenes between Roy and the villainous Clive Venter are a bit of a giggle. As Roy pretty much says what the audience must be thinking.

Overall. All the actors involved in this film play it for laughs. As everyone one of the assassins going after Roy felt very much liked they were out of a video game. Hence the film’s name.



As far as plot and story go. This film is not the most original thing you are going to see. But it does manage to entertain insofar as it is very much a cartoon style of action movie brought to life and Grillo’s character breaking the fourth wall and talking to the audience adds to the fun.

Insofar as how it ends. It is left somewhat open-ended in that we don’t see Roy die. This is just as well given that we had actually seen him die over 150 times.

Overall Boss Level is a fun popcorn movie, which probably gets even better with a few beers or spirits depending on your preference.

Boss Level
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