In Review: Blowback

Lots of fun and highly recommended for those that enjoy stories that blend history, time travel and pirates, and the Bermuda Triangle together

Synopsis: In Blowback. A present-day U.S. Marine and his unit vanish in the Bermuda Triangle and find themselves in the year 1776.

(This review contains mild spoilers)

The Story

When a group of U.S. Marines finds themselves transported through time to 1776 thanks to an encounter with the Bermuda Triangle. They must find a way to get back home. Which is easier said than done. Added to this is the fact that they have found themselves smack bang at the beginning of The American Revolution and wind up befriending a small group of rebels. Furthermore, there is a pirate Captain from the 1940s who has plans to stop America from being born.


The Artwork


The art and colorwork from Artist Kev Hopgood and Colorist Charlie Kirchoff really bring this book to life. The art style is sort of in line with a Saturday morning cartoon, but it works really well. Particularly impressive are the illustrations of the ships from the 1700s as well as a World War II ship that has been retrofitted with sails, but still has the firepower of a mid-20th-century vessel.

Added to all of this. We have the technology that the present-day marines bring with them. As well as a beautifully illustrated depiction of their air carrier crashing into the wormhole.

We also get some fantastic character drawings in Blowback. The most imposing character drawing is rightly that of the Pirate Captain, who is originally from the 20th century. Indeed Captain Martell proves to be a most difficult foe indeed. So it is only right that he looks the part.



Both Rhonda Smiley and James Hereth bring together a brilliant story that includes equal does of action, romance, and time travel. What could possibly go wrong.

I really enjoyed Blowback. The writers make very clever use of the Bermuda Triangle, The American Revolution, and a splash of science to weave together a fantastic and fun story. We get some classic storytelling tropes such as a young woman disguising herself as a young teenage boy so she can fight alongside the men. The fact that she happens to be well educated in the sciences also doesn’t hurt. In fact, Lee’s reveal to be a woman has a great deal of humor attached to it. More so because by that time in the story. She has already become a valuable player in whether or not the Marines will make it home.

I also found it rather funny that the Marine Communications and Computer Nerd is called Harvard.

The slow reveal of Pirate Captain Martell’s plot to undermine the American revolution is done really well. And his plan to stop the Revolution from getting the aid it did from the French is very feasible. In fact, this story would make for a fantastically fun pulp-style movie. But it would need a proper budget behind it. As in not be a Syfy Movie of the week.

Overall. Lots of fun and highly recommended for those that enjoy stories that blend history, time travel and pirates, and the Bermuda Triangle together.


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