In Review: Bloodshot Salvation #8

Beware the fine print.

Synopsis: Bloodshot continues to fight hordes of unending demons to save the life of his daughter. As he battles, time grows short to save Jessie, yet he fights savagely. Once he is overwhelmed, Shadowman saves the beset parent, and takes hims to the dealmaker, Samedi. It is here that Bloodshot will strike the bargain that will save Jessie. The problem is the price. There is a cost for achieving his desperate goal, and when the bill come through, it shatters what little hope Ray has to keep his family together. Meanwhile, the leader of Omen turns his greatest ally into his fiercest weapon.

Review: All goals come with sacrifices. Issue #8 drives home this point pretty succinctly. Sure, we know that parents often risk their lives to save their children. This is not a new concept, yet the idea of how far someone is willing to go to achieve their desires is what keeps this issue so engrossing. Meeting the deal maker Samedi, Ray is told that the cost of saving his daughter is killing someone of the deal maker’s choosing. Our hero does not see this as a dilemma, and Bloodshot even admits that it doesn’t matter who has to murder if it means his daughter lives. A decision that strips away that ideal of selflessly risking it all in an act of love. In fact, Pete using his power at Omen to turn his brother into a killing machine is a powerful parallel between the two characters. Both men adopt a consequences be damned approach, and this act illuminates how much these two people are.

The red hue of the deadside works pretty well because it builds towards the idea that there is blood on Bloodshot’s hands. He is steeped in it, and there will be more blood shed as he moves towards his end goal. The skeletons of the fallen soldiers is also a very fun touch. It screams Evil Dead, and it is smart and gorgeous homage.

Bloodshot has willingly agreed to do something terrible. So while it may be interesting to see how this will come about, I am more excited to see what the consequences Bloodshot’s actions. Chances are they will be dire.


Bloodshot Salvation #8
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