In Review: Bloodshot Salvation #6

Deals with devils always cost you your soul.

Synopsis: Bloodshot races back to Magic and his daughter. He has accomplished what he set out to do, kill Magic’s father, Daddy. Now, his victory seems hollow as his daughter clings desperately to life. The nanites that empower Bloodshot are killing her. With no other recourse, Ninja-K offers a possible solution. He takes the couple to New Orleans to call upon Shadowman for help. Shadowman will take Magic and Bloodshot to the Deadside. It is there that the desperate parents may be able to strike a deal with a demon to save their daughter. Bloodshot goes alone, but as he travels, his nanites begin to fail, and now he is trapped in the Deadside, blind, with his daughter.

Review: The new story arc feels very different from the arc we just read. There is a dark reckoning coming, and tragedy feels like it is right out the corner. Daddy is dead, and Bloodshot believed that he was the major issue in their new lives. The real problem, as Magic states during an argument, is Bloodshot being unable to let go of what he was. As the nanite empowered mercenary, Bloodshot feels an unmistakable sense of power. On the other hand, what is Ray but a family man? This is a reflective moment where our protagonist must decide who he must be to best protect his family. At the moment, who he must be is Bloodshot.

Issue #6 is dark not just in themes but in hues as well. This crisis is a dark chapter in this saga, and you feel as if light no longer exist for the parents of the dying child. It is moving and chilling. It also heightens the urgency in the faces of Magic and Bloodshot.

The next installment of Bloodshot Salvation promises to be pivotal, and we know that all magic comes at a price. What will Bloodshot have to pay?

Bloodshot Salvation #6
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