In Review: Blood & Treasure: Season 1 – The Curse of Cleopatra Parts 1&2

Exciting new fantasy adventure series for CBS

Synopsis: The discovery of the long-lost tomb of Antony & Cleopatra sets off a worldwide chase between a brilliant antiquities expert, a cunning thief and a ruthless terrorist.

Review: CBS brings us a new series, which channels a little Indiana Jones among a few other influences.

The Story

When esteemed archeologist  Dr. Anna Castillo discovers the tomb of Anthony and Cleopatra and is kidnapped by a terrorist group, which funds itself through the sale of antiquities. Former FBI agent and antiquities expert Danny McNamara is called upon to find and rescue her.

In order to successfully get closer enough to the criminal underworld that deals in antiquities. Danny recruits proffessional thief Lexi Vaziri who has a history with him and the terrorist that they are after.

The Acting

Sofia Pernas is fantastic in the role of Lexi Vaziri and brings a great mix of sizzling sex appeal, wit, and playfulness to the role. I loved how she completely sold us on the underhanded tactics that she employed to get the leads that Danny needs in order to find his mentor.

In contrast, Matt Barr does a fairly good job with Danny who seems to be a little more by the book in his approach to things, but the early chemistry between the two leads is very promising.

Also really good is Michael James Shaw who plays antiquities fence Aiden Shaw who helps provide a few laughs along the way.

We also get a brief few scenes with the fantastic John Larroquette who bankrolls Danny’s mission. Hopefully, he will be a series regular.


This is a promising start to an adventure series involving antiquities, secret societies, and Nazis. Which are all of my favorite things when it comes to a good adventure yarn.

We get some really nice introductions to the key characters and the story of how Danny and Lexi met and how they were involved in trying to capture Karim Farouk was fairly well executed. My only niggle with it though is that the very first flashback scene seemed a little jarring.

With fun characters and great location work. This series looks like it will be a must watch series for adventure fans over the next 13 weeks. Hopefully, the overall story arc is strong enough to retain interest in the weeks to come. It has the classic mix of episodic movie serial and has a very cinematic feel with a great soundtrack.

Blood & Treasure: Season 1 - The Curse of Cleopatra Parts 1&2
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