In Review: Blood & Treasure (S2 – EPs 1 & 2) The Soul of Genghis Khan and Tales of the Golden Tiger

Things get interesting when the gang that attacked the Vatican kidnaps Kate Reese and gives Danny and Lexi just 72 hours to find The Spirit Banner.
Genghis Khan

Synopsis: When a gang attacks the Vatican in search of an ancient relic called The Soul of Genghis Khan. Danny and Lexi get drawn into the investigation.


The Story

A year has passed since the events seen in the first season. Danny and Lexi have settled into a pattern of traveling the world to help authorities track down stolen Antiquities and are due to take a break when a mysterious gang attacks the Vatican. Unfortunately, their friend Father Chuck gets hurt during the attack. And as they visit him. Danny gets a phone call from  Jay Reece, which he turns down as he is still sore from Jay having betrayed him. However, when Jay’s Lawyer pulls them over in the street. They learn that Jay knows what the gang that attacked the Vatican is after and wants to see Danny so he can tell him in person.

As Danny and Lexi arrange to visit him in prison. Jay is suddenly killed and there is no evidence left behind. His death prompts Danny and Lexi to take this more seriously. So they attend Jay’s wake where they meet Jay’s daughter Kate Reece who allows them access to her grandfather’s office in the Reece mansion. As they search the office they find what appears to be a token of some kind with Chinese writing on it as well as a stamp. This leads them to a store in Hong Kong, which turns out to be a front for an old Triad Bank. When they access the safety deposit box, which the token leads them to. They find out that Jay’s father was a member of the CIA and was heading up an operation to find The Soul a Genghis Khan, which is also known as The Spirit Banner. This ancient relic is said to contain the soul of Genghis Khan and possess great power.

Things get interesting when the gang that attacked the Vatican kidnaps Kate Reese and gives Danny and Lexi just 72 hours to find The Spirit Banner. Following a lead and enlisting some extra help. The two treasure hunters head to Vietnam with a plan to try and find the head of the gang and rescue Kate.


The Acting

Matt Barr and Sofia Pernas return as Danny and Lexi and it’s obvious that their onscreen chemistry has developed a little since we last saw them. The opening scene, which establishes that they are now working together is a lot of fun. Particularly when they pretend to be on opposite sides of the law. But get to see Lexi question where their relationship is going as Danny hasn’t asked her to settle down with him but instead chooses to continue a life of adventure with her.

As with the last series, Mark Gagliardi adds a nice bit of charisma and comic relief as Chuck. Who is perhaps the geekiest Catholic Priest you’ll ever meet. The scene where he is geeking out about the Vatican having a secret service and telling Danny about it is delightful. As is his scene with the mysterious Father Alonso (Danny Lawrence).

But it wouldn’t be Blood and Treasure without the brilliantly fun Shaw who is once again played by the fantastic Aiden Shaw who reluctantly comes to Danny and Lexi’s aid in the second episode.



After what has been a two-year break this second series of the show that entertained us during the summer of 2019 has returned and it seems to be doing things much bigger this time around. In these first two episodes alone. We get to see Danny and Lexi travel to several locations, which include Florence, Vatican City, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

As you may have guessed. This series borrows from things like Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, but instead of all the spectacle that those films give you. This series gives you a bit more in regards to character moments, and interesting locations and delves a bit more into the mythology surrounding the antiquities that the two leads are chasing after. The series also takes advantage of established history concerning the Nazi’s search for Antiquities as Hitler was very interested in the supernatural and supposedly saught out The Spirit Banner in his quest for world domination.

Overall. These opening two episodes provide a nice mix of action, romance, drama and a bit of comedy. I particularly enjoyed the huge fight sequence between Lexi and her old friend Voilet, which proved a perfect distraction to allow Danny and Shaw to do what they needed to get done. It will be interesting to see if Voilet joins the regular team.

Blood & Treasure (S2 - EPs 1 & 2) The Soul of Genghis Khan and Tales of the Golden Tiger
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