In Review: Blood & Treasure (S2 – EP9) The Throne of the Khan

The gang heads to China to look for a Buddist Monk called Gen who was the last person to see the Spirit Banner.

Synopsis: In The Throne of the Khan. The gang heads to China to look for a Buddist Monk called Gen who was the last person to see the Spirit Banner. While there a potential traitor is revealed.


The Story

Having returned from Laos. Danny and Lexi recruit Shaw, Kate, and Vince to go with them to China to help with the search for Gen. Back at the camp of the Great Khan, Hardwick learns that Violet survived the explosion and is tasked by the Khan to interrogate her for any useful information.

In China. Lexi is suspicious of Kate and her connection with the CIA and matters are not helped when Vince reveals himself to have a slightly bigger stake in things than was first believed. However, it is soon established that Vince will still work with Danny and he comes in rather useful when it comes to obtaining an old scroll that will direct them to the Tomb of Genghis Khan, which is where the Monks say Gen most likely took the Spirit Banner.

At the Great Khan’s headquarters, infighting leads to a revelation, which will likely change the game.


The Acting



Matt Barr and Sofia Pernas continue to do a great job as the show’s main leads. But it is the supporting characters that rule the roost in this week’s story. In particular, Byron Mann puts on a good show as we learn of a shock twist to do with his mysterious detective character. I kind of saw this little bit of a twist coming as so little of his character has been revealed prior. So it was only a matter of time before he was revealed.

We also get another great performance from Michael James Shaw as Shaw who is a character that provides a great balance between humor and drama. This character is full of nuance and the actor does a brilliant job of bringing that to the fore. I particularly enjoyed the conversation about Karma when Shaw was discussing mysticism with Danny.

Making a great return this week is Michelle Lee as Violet, who we’d written off as dead, but hey. We never saw her actually die, which is always a telling sign in this kind of show that a character might well return. Either way, Violet shows up alive at the Great Khan’s base of operations, and Simon Hardwick is given the task of questioning her for any useful information. But can anything that she says be trusted?



This episode picks up the plot threads left dangling from last week’s episode and runs full steam ahead. I loved all the plot twists and character developments in this story. One of which I pretty much saw coming in regards to the storyline concerning Vince. But the big reveal at the episode’s end was a bit of a stunner and is going to make for some interesting and fun developments when it comes to this character’s relationship with Lexi.

We also get some great action beats. In particular, the Khan’s Ninjas attack the Buddist temple where Danny and the gang are camped out.

Overall. I’m continuing to love this show and am hoping that when this season concludes that there is scope for more to come. Even if it’s just in the form of a few TV movies.

Blood & Treasure (S2 - EP9) The Throne of the Khan
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