In Review: Blood & Treasure (S2 – EP8) The Lost City of Sana

Lexi is gravely injured, leaving Danny and Patrick in a rush to find refuge.
City of Sana

Synopsis: In The Lost City of Sana Lexi is gravely injured, leaving Danny and Patrick in a rush to find refuge. Meanwhile, Chuck uncovers new information on the relationship between the Vatican and the CIA.


The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. Lexi has been seriously injured, which leaves it to Danny and his father Patrick to try and find refuse while keeping her safe. A job that is made more complicated by the fact that they have a group of soldiers who are hunting them.

Elsewhere, Simon Hardwick has returned to the Great Khan aka Batu, and asked for more freedom so that he can better serve. Batu agrees and sends him to recruit a white hat hacker from the CIA in order to help them better hunt for the Spirit Banner while simultaneously eliminating anything that gets in their way. Of course, Simon being who he is attempts a double cross.

Meanwhile, having learned of the CIA’s connection to a branch of the Vatican called Archenemy Gladio. Father Chuck and Kate pay a visit to Father Giancana who was once a member. At first, Chuck and Kate attempt a deception, but Giancana is too smart to fall for it. However, later when Chuck visits on his own. The old priest opens up a bit more and asks Chuck to take his confession, which includes everything that he did when he was a member of Archenemy Gladio. 

Back in the Jungles of Laos Danny, Patrick and Lexi have managed to give the soldiers the slip, and thanks to some help from some Buddist Monks Lexi is on the mend. Added to this the Monks tell Danny of how a Nun called Victoria saved their lives as well as those of the villagers and gave them the Spirit Banner, which was then supposedly taken back to China by another Monk from their order.


The Acting

We get some of the strongest performances of the series to date in this episode as Danny (Matt Barr) and Patrick (Mark Valley) work through their family issues while simultaneously escaping from soldiers and celebrating their first Christmas together. The bickering between the two is very believable of a father-and-son relationship. Especially one that has not been the most ideal. I loved the line where Patrick tells Danny that he has always put more trust in antiquities that are over 100 years old than he has in the people in his life.

We also get a really strong performance from Mark Gagliardi as Father Chuck. The scene where he takes Father Giancana’s confession is really powerful. Helped in no small part by a solid performance from Vincent Riotta as the old priest who desperately needs to get all of his crimes off of his chest.



The Lost City of Sana delivers another nicely balanced episode that mixes up the interpersonal relationships of the characters with some nice adventure elements. The father and son moments between Danny and Patrick are a nice addition to the plot as it kind of informs us why Danny is like he is. Lexi provides a few comedic moments. The best of which is when she is mistaking a bomb for an Orange. Likewise, the moment where Chuck and Kate try to sell the idea that they are getting married to Father Giancana is a laugh-out-loud moment. Especially given Chuck’s tendency to oversell things.

Overall. This episode gives a nice mix of action, drama, and comedy and the show continues to be a highlight of my week.

Blood & Treasure (S2 - EP8) The Lost City of Sana
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