In Review: Blood & Treasure (S2 – EP6) Mystery at Poison Island

Danny, Lexi and Violet travel across a dangerous chemical wasteland in Kazakhstan to Aralsk-7, an abandoned bio-weapons facility.
Poison Island

Synopsis: In Mystery at Poison Island Danny, Lexi and Violet travel across a dangerous chemical wasteland in Kazakhstan to Aralsk-7, an abandoned bio-weapons facility. Meanwhile, Chuck begins his investigation about how the Vatican and the Spirit Banner are connected.


The Story

The search for the Spirit Banner leads Danny, Lexi, and Voilet to an abandoned chemical wasteland called Aralsk-7, which happens to have been the site for some DNA experiments that Dr. Orlov was working on in the 1970s. While they search through the site the team finds evidence that Orlov might have been working on a virus that would be resistant to vaccines in order to wipe out all that carry DNA markers from Ghengis Khan.

While they are still searching the site to try and piece the puzzle together. Some of the Great Khan’s thugs turn up with Simon Hardwick to try and break up the party. However, Hardwick manages to give his captures the slip and comes to an arrangement with Danny to remain with the Great Khan’s camp to do a bit of spying for them.

Meanwhile, back at Vatican City Chuck starts his investigation only to find that he has been given a promotion, which is in title only. It seems the top brass within the Catholic Church is looking to get Chuck out of the way. This doesn’t deter Chuck from his investigation as he finds evidence of a new saint, which nobody has heard of. This revelation links in somewhat with what Danny and Lexi find out at Aralsk-7. As they believe Sister Victoria who was made into Saint Victoria was connected with a CIA mission from the mid-1970s that took out Dr. Orlov and stole all of his research.


The Acting

Matt Barr and Sofia Pernas continue to impress as the two main leads. Pernas in particular has a difficult scene when Lexi winds up having to abandon her friend Violet again, which this time leads to Violet’s death. Or at least we are assuming she’d died given the nature of the situation that she was in. Mark Gagliardi is brilliant as Father Chuck and should really be given his own Spin-Off show, which could be something similar to the classic 80s Father Dowling Mysteries, which could be set in his new work city of Boston.

Michelle Lee once again kills it as Violet who sadly gets off the magic carpet ride in this episode.



Mystery at Poison Island does a fantastic job of adding to an already complicated mystery and lends somewhat from a great many of the conspiracy theories that have been out there concerning the covid 19 virus. Specifically, the part where Danny says that it looks like Dr. Orlov was trying to engineer a virus that would be resistant to vaccines. I also liked the reveal of a new Saint that nobody but the Church and the CIA has ever heard of and look forward to learning more about that particular plot thread.

Blood & Treasure (S2 - EP6) Mystery at Poison Island
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