In Review: Blood & Treasure (S2 – EP5) Enter the Dragon Gate

Simon attempts to make a deal, unaware that Lexi, Danny and Shaw are on his tail.

Synopsis: In, Enter the Dragon Gate  Simon attempts to make a deal, unaware that Lexi, Danny and Shaw are on his tail. What they uncover leads them to Hong Kong while Danny becomes increasingly concerned with Violet’s control over Lexi.


The Story

Following up on last week’s show. Danny and Lexi return to Hanoi only to find themselves heading to Hong Kong to follow a lead that could help them find the Spirit Banner. But in order to get in, they need to bring in Lexi’s old friend Violet whose knowledge about Arthur Chan could prove invaluable. While Danny, Lexi, Violet, and Shaw plan a heist. Simon Hardwick tries to broker a deal with Arthur Chan. Also, Danny is worried that Violet may be having a bad influence on Lexi. But still finds himself having to make Violet an offer to make sure that she remains with them during their search for the Soul of Gengis Khan. 

Meanwhile, Simon learns what happens when he crosses The Great Khan.


The Acting

Michelle Lee puts in a fantastic performance as Lexi’s old friend Violet who adds another element of unpredictability to the ongoing story. I really enjoyed the little flirtation between Shaw (Michael James Shaw) and Violet. The scene where Violet and Lexi are doing their gymnastic level bit of cat burglary to try and get into Chan’s collection of treasures was fantastic to watch. We also get a sample of Matt Barr’s somewhat iffy Jason Statham impersonation when he looks to try and buy time for Lexi and Violet to make their escape.

James Callis once again impresses as the somewhat devious Simon Hardwick who tries to wangle a deal with Chan.




Enter the Dragon Gate was another fun episode, which adds an interesting plot twist with the character of Arthur Chan who has revealed himself to be also after the spirit banner. I also loved the fact that we got to see Violet return as the dynamic between Lexi and Danny is made more interesting with Violet in the mix. Though its a shame that her addition might mean that its the end of the road for Shaw.

Overall. A really enjoyable episode. I can’t wait to see what goes down in next week’s installment.

Blood & Treasure (S2 - EP5) Enter the Dragon Gate
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