In Review: Blood & Treasure (S2 – EP4) In The Forbidden Zone

Danny and Lexi join forces with Levchenko's gang as they journey to Mongolia. Levchenko hopes to find the Spirit Banner for himself
The Forbidden Zone

Synopsis: In Into The Forbidden Zone Danny and Lexi join forces with Levchenko’s gang as they journey to Mongolia. Levchenko hopes to find the Spirit Banner for himself, even with the Great Khan’s horde in hot pursuit.


The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. Danny and Lexi have joined up with Levchenko’s gang and headed for the forbidden zone in Mongolia, but The Great Khan’s people are hot on their heels. Meanwhile, In Vietnam Chuck has received a mysterious text from Kate asking for a meet-up so she can give him a thumb drive with relevant information to help him investigate the Vatican angle and Khan’s connection.

Back in Ireland. Batu who is either The Great Khan or just working for The Great Khan breaks Simon Hardwick out of prison and makes him an offer he can’t refuse. 


The Acting

James Callis returns again as Simon Hardwick, who gets a little more to do as he becomes entrenched with Batu and his people in order to help them find the Spirit Banner before Danny and Lexi do. Callis brings his usual talents to the fray as yet again he plays the master manipulator. But one can’t help but think that Ron Yuan’s Batu may just be a little bit more on the ball than Hardwick thinks he is.

Mark Gagliardi puts in another fun performance as Father Chuck who gets rather excitable when he receives a text for a meet-up from Kate. His scene in the bar with Vince (Byron Mann) and Hahn (Connor Chew) is quite funny as we see how geeky and gullible Chuck can be.

Once again the two leads do a great job of pushing the story forward and get some great support from Zach McGowan who takes his final bow as Levchenko.



Into The Forbidden Zone makes for another fun-filled episode as we see Danny and Lexi get drawn into some pretty impressive action scenes as they edge a little closer to finding the spirit banner.

Great to see Simon Hardwick brought back into play as he made for a fun foil for the series leads in the last series.

I’m also loving how the writers are making a bit more use of Chuck in this series. As I felt he was underused during the show’s first season.

Blood & Treasure (S2 - EP4) In The Forbidden Zone
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