In Review: Blood & Treasure (S2 – EP3) Spoils of the Red Empire

A visit with Simon in prison yields new information on the Spirit Banner's last whereabouts
Red Empire

Synopsis: In Spoils of the Red Empire A visit with Simon in prison yields new information on the Spirit Banner’s last whereabouts, sending the team to Russia.



After having found out that Kate had been working for the CIA and had set them up. The team plans a sting in order to capture Kate and find out what she knows. Meanwhile, Danny and Lexi pay a visit to Simon who has a lead that takes them to Russia where they meet with Andrei Levchenko. As they meet with him they learn that he has access to the Russian equivalent of area 51, which houses many artifacts. As they search the place they find the case that the Spirit Banner was kept in. But no spirit banner. But they do learn that it was transported to Mongolia. So they make plans to head there via the Forbidden passage. 

Meanwhile, back in Vietnam. Chuck has managed to get Kate talking and learned that the CIA was using intelligence from The Great Khan in order to take down criminal gangs with connections to terrorism. However, The Great Khan turned on the CIA. Chuck lets her go, but we are not entirely convinced that Kate has told him the whole truth.


The Acting

Spoils of the Red Empire sees the return of James Callis as the manipulative Simon Hardwick who once again sends Danny and Lexi on a bit of a wild goose chase. Although he only has one scene. The character’s presence is felt throughout the whole episode as his name is never too far from the mouths of Danny and Lexi. The chemistry that was set up between Matt Barr, Sofia Pernas, and Callis is still very much there. 

I was also impressed with Zach McGowan in his role as Andrei Levchenko. This character is a reformed leader of a Russian biker gang. However, by the end of the episode, he is given a reason to return to his old life, which places both Danny and Lexi in a little danger as they are given another deadline to meet. McGowan brought some real nuance to what could have been easily a very one-note character. 



This third episode does a great job of building on what we learned in last week’s show. The prison scene between Danny, Lexi, and Simon was fun to see, and the trip to Russia added a fun twist to the story as we learn that Russia has its own version of Area 51. Which isn’t quite as big. But does have lots of cool stuff. I really liked the character of Andre and the backstory that he comes with.

Also, fun was seeing Chuck get a bit more involved as he seemed to be a little bit of a throwaway character in the show’s first season. Whereas now he is pretty much been given a bit more to do. It will be interesting to find out what he can learn when he returns to the Vatican to follow up on the little mission that Kate assigned him. The punchline to this is when Chuck says to Shaw that he thinks Kate is trying to make him into a spy.

Blood & Treasure (S2 - EP3) Spoils of the Red Empire
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